CITY MAP (pdf)


What to see?

1. Building of town council and town government

Kesk str 27

Contact:        +372 3925700


Coordinates: 59°23′45″N  27°45′43″E

2. Mere Boulevard

Coordinates: 59°23′49″N  27°45′48″E

3. City stairs and square

Coordinates: 59°23′47″N  27°45′46″E

4. Monument "Honour to work" and City Park

Coordinates: 59°23′47″N  27°45′45″E

5. Sillamäe beach

Coordinates: 59°23′59″N  27°45′57″E

6. Langevoja waterfall

Coordinates: 59°23′3″N  27°45′21″E

7. Orthodox Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

Jõe str 1а

Contact:        +372 3926035      


Coordinates: 59°23′39″N  27°45′26″E

8. Sts. George and Adalbert Parish

Ranna str 20

Coordinates: 59°23′56″N  27°45′54″E

What to visit?


9. Sillamäe Centre of Culture

Kesk str 24

Contact:        +372 3925870, +372 58588966


Coordinates: 59°23′46″N  27°45′48″E

10. Sillamäe museum of history and culture

Kajaka str 17а (drive from Majakovski str)

Contact:        +372 3972425


Coordinates: 59°23′56″N  27°45′39″E

11. Museum "The Soviet-Era Sillamäe"

Kesk str 24 (in a bomb shelter of Centre of Culture)

Contact:        +372 3972425


Coordinates: 59°23′46″N  27°45′48″E

12. Vaivara Blue Hills Museum

Roheline str 19D, Sinimäe

Contact:        +372 3924634


Coordinates: 59°22′22″N  27°52′26″E

Active life

18. Sports complex KALEV

(gym-halls, sauna, athletics arena, fitness studio, conference-hall)

Kesk str 30

Contact:      +372 3974077


Coordinates: 59°23′39″N  27°46′20″E

19. Swimming pool Kalev

Kesk str 28

Contact:      +372 3974077


Coordinates: 59°23′38″N  27°46′15″E

20. Evail Athletics sports club

(aerobics, fitness studio, box, judo, gym, tennis-court)

Kesk str 26

Contact:        +372 3971835


Coordinates: 59°23′40″N  27°46′15″E

21. Open youth center

(sport event and activities, dances, social work, free Wi-Fi)

Kalda str 14

Contact:        +372 3975705


Coordinates: 59°23′51″N  27°45′41″E

22. Health trail

Illuminated health track length of 2 km

Coordinates: 59°23′47″N  27°46′44″E