Coat of Arms
On a dark blue background the gold step design reminding a rafter.
Connecting edges of the arms symbolize both the bridge and mountain, that specifying on the name of city ("sild"- the bridge, "magi"- mountain). The form of steps specifies one of features of city-step streets and ladder ensembles. Colours of the arms designate the sea, sandy coast, gold declines.



The Flag represents the image of the relation of width to its length 7:11. The usual size - 105 x 105 cm.











Sillamäe- town of fresh sea winds
In the motto of city it is reflected:
- location of town - on seacoast;
- features of a climate - mainly windy weather;
- the fact, that with the construction of the port, Sillamäe from being closed, has turned into the sea town, open to the world and ready for cooperation;

- the word "fresh" - an antonym to words "stuffy, stagnant, outdated "- means readiness for changes and innovations.