Langevoja waterfall
The Langevoja Cascade is located in the southwest of Sillamäe. Langevoja runs into the limestone plato, which is located near to the Sõtke River. It forms a canyon which is 10 meters wide and 2 meters high. The Cascade has 2 ledges: 1.5 and 4 meters high. The Cascade beneath the canyon widens and deepens even more. After a hundred meters the stream runs into the Sõtke River. The stream gets water from underground sources and therefore it dries up in the summer.

Ukuoru waterfall
The Ukuoru waterfall is located in the north-western part of Sillamäe on the Päite cliff. The waterfall flows into a new channel, as in the direction where the waterfall would normally flow, there is an old storage of waste. The waterfall is often quite dry, because the plateau, which is higher than the waterfall, is usually arid. Near to the waterfall opens up a beautiful view of the town, the sea gulf and the Päite cliff. The height of the waterfall is 7.5 meters and it has only one ledge.


Cascade of storage pools of Sõtke River
The length of the river is 24 kilometres and the area of the reservoir is 93.7 km2. The river originates from the system of lakes at Kurtna and runs into a dam, which is located 22 km away. Three dams form the unique cascade of storage pools. The depth of the biggest artificial lake is 7 meters and its area is 30 hectares. Coasts of the lake are very sloping. Water of the river is brown in colour, as the river takes in sediment from marshland. Fish found in the river are perch, roach, pike, bream and crayfish.


Baltic limestone shore
Having looked on the Northeast coast, it is possible to see that it rises as a dark wall, which upon approach separates into green, brown and yellow strips.

The Baltic limestone shore begins at the western coast of Öland island and runs through the Baltic Sea and seashore of Estonia, until it reaches the Lagoda River in Russia. The length of Baltic limestone shore is about 1100-1200 kilometres. The most impressing area is limestone bluff from Ontika till Päite, where the height is more than 30 meters. There is also located the top point of limestone bluff in Estonia which is 55.6 meters high. The limestone shore crosses Sillamäe. From the ledges of the shore opens the beautiful view of the sea; its ledges are symbols of city which are represented on both the flag and arms of Sillamae.


Sea Park

Sea Park is located in the northeast of Sillamäe, on the shore of the Finnish gulf. The area of the park is about 20 hectares. Sea Park is the biggest park in the town. Near to the park is the beach, beautiful linden alley, pine groove, with places for camps and for walking. If you walk through the woods or pathways to the beach, you can reach Narva-Jõesuu known as the "Riviera of North Countries". For a long time the park is also used as a place for skiing. 

The types of tree that grow here are alder, willow, pine and elm. Also there are spruce, poplar, ash and lime. The forest between Narva-Jõesuu and Sillamäe consists mostly of pine trees. The Park has different types of bushes such as raspberry, cornel, brier and different types of willow.