First mention

The first mentions of Sillamäe refer to 1502 when Thor Bruggen opened a tavern here.

According to the legend, when the sea level had risen up to the coast, pirates landed here, in the delta of the river, which was near the sea. A tavern was built in this place. In fact, the founders and the place of tavern are not still known.It is known, that the sea-bottom had risen approximately 5000 years ago. Crossing of the delta of the river for trading way, became a good place for disembark. Also it is known, that in 1502 the territory, where the town now is, belonged to the Livonian (German) order.

There is no talk about the name of a tavern, as the place was sacred. Thor was the Thunder of Scandinavians. Estonians had the same deity in their religion. Taara (Big Taara, Tharapita, and Taarapita). Henrik wrote about Taarapita in the chronicle of Livonia. According to the chronicle, Taara flew from the mountain, where he had been born, to Saaremaa. Legend was connected with the falling of a Kaarli meteorite, as the meteorite was considered to be an ancient deity. The mountain, where deity was born and from where he flew to Saaremaa, is considered to be Ebavere Mountain or Sinimäe mountain, which is located near Sillamäe. Brook Uku, whose name is connected with Uku ancient deity, is located near the town.

We can be sure about the fact, that Narva trading way passed through Sillamäe (Narva was at that time a developed and important trading centre, as Saint-Petersburg was founded only two centuries later). In a part of the city, there was a river which played an important role in a trading way, as here it was possible to have a rest and hide from approaching dangers.