Sillamäe City


Every town is beautiful and unique in its own way. Located in the northeast of Estonia in Ida-Viru County, Sillamäe is not an exception. Its originality is an alloy of history, economy, a geographical position and human destinies and qualities of people living here. Most Estonians could not visit it, as it was long time closed to visitors and kept secret because of its military industrial function. Today it is open for everybody and full of discoveries: you can freely visit local sights or enjoy your stay in many different ways. We live in the rhythm of the XXI century. We are open for partnership and interesting ideas and always glad to see our old and new friends, likewise we appreciate and protect our cultural heritage and traditions.

The Free trade zone and port allow Sillamäe to become one of the bridges between Russia and the EU. All this was embodied in the motto of Sillamäe – a town of fresh sea winds.