Statistics of reports

In 2013 in Commercial Register were produced 343 reports of economic activity in 2012. Some etrepreneurs didn't produce them by the end of the year.


Companies are divided into two groups:
- number of employees is below 9
- big companies with 10 and more employees


Also in reports are not presented entrepreneurs – sole proprietors, as their economic activity is not reflected in Commercial Register.


Annual turnover of Sillamäe companies, EUR
(Source: Commercial Register)


Entrepreneurship accounting statistic is based on report produced to Commercial Register. 2012 year statistic is not full.
This statistic reflects general trends in Estonia, according to which after economic crisis entrepreneurs turnover and profit grows up.
The main reason of profits fall in 2012 are indicators of some large enterprises . Statistics of small companies shows separately , which indicates the success of small business in 2012 .


Sillamäe companies profit, EUR
(Source: Commercial Register)



Small companies statistics is given below. Small company is a company with 1 to 9 employees.


Small companies turnover, EUR
(Source: Commercial Register)


Form chart above is seen, that small business indicators are similar with Sillamäe general tendency. Small business profit indicators are better.


Sillamäe small companies profit, EUR
(Source: Commercial Register)


Entrepreneurship structure by employees
(Source: Commercial Register)


Totally were presented 346 reports of economic activity. 133 companies were with registered 0-nought employees.


The rest 213 companies are divided in the following way:
- 173 companies with 1-9 employees
- 40 enterprises with 10 and more employees



Employees division by size of company
(Source: Commercial Register)


According to source data in 2012 in Sillamäe companies worked 2541 employees.
In small companies worked 483 employees.
In big enterprises worked 2058 employees.