Reasons to choose Sillamäe

Economic Freedom

Estonia is known for its economic freedom. The country has some of the most liberal trade and investment laws in the world. The Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom 2013 ranks Estonia as one of the freest economies in the World – 13th out of 177 countries. And it is only 4th in Europe!


Geographical position

Sillamäe has a very convenient geographical position. It is only 25 km from EU-Russian border. There is about 100 000 people living in the area within 25 km radius apart from Sillamäe.


Free Trade Zone

Sillamäe Free Zone covers a territory of 750 ha in the hinterland of SILPORT.

According to the Law of Estonian Republic any customs duties, excise taxes nor VAT are NOT applicable to all the goods declared as transit and stored within the Free Zone for 3 years.


Good logistic opportunities

Sillamäe has an appropriate infrastructure. 3 km south is one of Estonian's main railway connecting Russia with the capital Tallinn. Port and free zone are also connected by rail track with this railway system. Multifunctional Port of Sillamae is the closest EU port to Russia. Nowadays it has different terminal to offer any ways of logistics.


Highly educated employees

Sillamäe workers are highly qualified, as historically here were concentrated top class specialists and engineers from all over the Soviet Union to serve the militaristic plant. There are also presently very good conditions for vocational and highest education nearby. That also helps in efficient labour market development in the town.


Multilingual environment

Historically Ida-Viru county is a region of manufactures and factories. In Soviet times people were moving here from the whole union developing infrastructure, welfare and creating new jobs. Today we have a lot of people, speaking easily Estonian and Russian language. Russian investors do not see any problems communication with locals and doing here paperwork. Also here are a lot of specialists, who can handle with Estonian and do more complicated work.


Non-expensive real estate

Sillamäe is not main town in region nor country. Mostly people live in flats. Population is slowly dwindled and real estate market prices are moderate. Last years real estate have been sold to Russian tourists and businessmen to do easier entrepreneurship in Sillamäe.


Tourism opportunities

Sillamäe is unique town. Due to its center is in fair preservation, it is interesting for tourists. Sillamäehas also museums, House of culture (which was restored in 2013) and historical architecture ensemble. Ida-Viru county has its own strategy to develop tourism. Now we have 3rd place in country according to stayed nights.