Port of Sillamäe

Port of Sillamäe (SILPORT) the closest EU port to Russia, located only in 25 km from EU-Russia boarder (Narva – Ivangorod).


Port of Sillamäe is:

  • the most eastern port of the EU;
  • a deep-sea port;
  • navigable and operating all year round;
  • a multifunctional port;
  • privately owned;
  • a Free Zone.

It is located only 25 km from the EU-Russian border and, hence, can serve as an efficient platform for the distribution of goods to neighbouring markets of:

  • Russia and the CIS in the East
  • Scandinavia and the EU in the West


As a multifunctional port, SILPORT has an infra- and superstructure capable to handle all cargo groups from oil-products and dry bulk to containerised cargo. Natural depth of up to 16,5 m at the quaysides of the port are sufficient for servicing the largest vessels that can enter the Baltic Sea through the Danish Straights.


Sillamäe Free Zone status (with 0% taxes and duties) in combination with the liberal fiscal policy of Estonia (0% corporate income tax on retained earnings) provides companies an efficient business environment in SILPORT for value-added distribution and manufacturing in the region.


There is a direct ferry to Russian Port of Ust-Luga. In future there are plans to restore a direct ferry to Kotka in finland.


In 2013 in Post of Sillamäe was built new container terminal


In 2013 SILPORT opens a new container terminal in the future expansion of the port due to the construction of new berths.


Port of Sillamäe

Aadress: Kesk 2

Tel. 39 29 150

E-mail: silport@silport.ee